Vegetarian Check In


Downhill grazing. AND A SOAP BATH. I don’t think Eli had had one since September.

I ate vegetarian 25 days in January. 6 days in January, I had meat. One of those days, I was at a restaurant that didn’t have many vegetarian options, so I said eff it, happy hour doesn’t count, and I had a burger with bacon. And of course my friend sitting next to me ordered a large Caesar and a side of mac & cheese so I could have done that, I guess. Whoops. Although I guess a Caesar has anchovies in the dressing? The other 5 days … 4 of them, prosciutto got me. One of them, I had one slice of deli turkey on a sandwich. As it turns out, I think prosciutto is actually going to be the hardest thing to give up completely and not bacon. Carbonara is a long time fave, what can I say? But 25 days out of 31 isn’t so bad, and there are only 29 days in February.

Early on in giving up meat, I wanted A LOT more carbs, but that thankfully that tapered off after about a week. I still eat a lot of pasta with various types of sauces or whatnot minus the meat, and a whole lot more black bean and cheese nachos. Other than that, my diet hasn’t changed as much as I though it would, because I wasn’t eating meat every day anyway. I eat about as much spinach, berries, and nuts as I did before, and maybe a little bit more cheese. I am on and off the potato wagon. Mushrooms and snap peas are delicious when sautéed in butter, evoo, and a splash of Fireman’s 4 (a local ale).

Eli, of course, has no problem with his vegan diet.

13 thoughts on “Vegetarian Check In

  1. Haha you sound like me. I try to stick to a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet, but when the craving for a steak or chicken strikes, I do tend to indulge.

    Sounds like you’re getting into the swing of things!

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  2. I love meat, could never give it up completely. My husband probably could, and we have been playing around with more grains and veggies. Cauliflower is fun to play with. We did some play on chicken wings with cauliflower that wasn’t bad. We also recently tried it as taco filling. Not as good as beef tacos, but with some tweaking, could be delicious. Also, quinoa is great with taco seasoning instead of ground beef.

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