Finicky Eaters Unite

wp-1453993529939.jpgI am a finicky eater. Conrad is a finicky eater. And ever since Eli’s surgery, he, too, has been a finicky eater.

Perhaps his ability to taste has changed, now that he is without a bad tooth and ginormous ball of mucopurulent snot trapped in his sinus. Perhaps he tastes more, or just differently. Add to that my quest for electrolytes he will ingest (he likes his other supplements), and I now have a horse who is less than enthused about gobbling his grain ration. Lately he’s been eating about half, then eating all of his hay, then maybe going back to the grain after, or maybe not.

I have a solution: less grain, more hay (I pay extra for the extra). Eli LOVES hay. And grass, of course. He’ll happily munch on hay any time it’s in front of him, even if he’s already been doing so for a few hours. We pretty much just have coastal bermuda at $7 a bale for the small square bales in this area, although alfalfa is also available but I’m not interested in feeding that daily to Eli. Timothy would be fantastic, but it is difficult to get in this area, and much more expensive to have delivered (from out of state, last I checked). However, Eli has been pretty much fine eating the coastal bermuda his whole time at KBF *knock on wood* so we’re going with what we got.


10 thoughts on “Finicky Eaters Unite

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  1. Thats how Ries was for ever and I could never keep weight on. Finally we hit the plateau where he is fat and LEAVES HAY (after playing with it of course). If two years ago Ries saw him today he would slap him lol

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  2. my mare is a pretty fantastic eater, tho we have some tbs at the barn that definitely aren’t… and it’s always a little worrisome when they leave food behind.. seems like you’ve found a good balance for Eli tho!

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