GhoDho Victoria Breeches Review

VictoriaReaders of this blog know I am a huge fan of GhoDho breeches, and reviewed my first pair last winter. The second round of GhoDho breeches is even better! A lot of new features have been added that are great improvements: new material, better length, bigger belt loops, deeper pockets (they’ll fit your phone), and this new color Victoria breeches called Rouge.

kneepatchesMy mom got me a pair for Christmas–thanks, Mom! First off, the material is a major improvement. While I liked the sporty fabric of my first pair of GhoDhos, the new material has a more technical feel and is softer. It is a bit thick, and I am interested to see how it will wear in a Texas summer, but for Texas winter the material is perfect! The knee patches are the grippy but not sticky faux croc, and black on the Victoria breeches.

stitchingdetailThe Victoria breeches in particular offer a twist on the chevron stitching unique to GhoDho breeches and as you can see here, it’s kind of a web pattern. I love the look of it, and of course it makes me think I might have extra Spidey-sense when I’m wearing these breeches.

lengthI have also noticed a slight alteration in length on these breeches. They are still long and still run slim (so size up!), but they seem about an inch or so shorter than my first pair, making them the absolute perfect length for me–I’m 5’6″. I think this means more people will be able to wear them comfortably under riding boots. Additionally, there is no extra bulk or anything like that under socks, so I have no problem zipping up my tall boots in these breeches. I can’t even feel the zipper under my boots, but that detail makes me feel like I could wear these out with heels, whereas with velcro closures on other breeches I wouldn’t do that.

anklezipOther than the material upgrade, my favorite feature is the wider belt loops. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these belt loops perfectly accommodate the spur belts from Equestri Lifestyle.

beltloopsYeah. That’s not an accident. Nor is my offbeat choice of Nike magenta top, Rouge Victoria breeches, and baby blue patent spur belt. And did this look amazing with my brown tall boots? Yes. It totally did. Man, I love clothes!

I wholeheartedly recommend these Victoria breeches! While the prices have gone up slightly, they are still economically (for the horse world) priced from $135 to $150 a pair. GhoDho also now makes show breeches, a beige styled conservatively for the hunter and equitation rings and an edgier white for the jumper ring. I can’t wait to try a pair of those!




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  1. I ordered a pair of the show breeches from Equestri Lifestyle and I can’t wait to give them a go. I’m a tiny bit concerned about the length, but I’ve seen other riders my height pulling them off, so crossing my fingers! I definitely like the material and design on this second go round better.

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  2. I have been WAITING for someone to review the new styles! Would you say that the fit has changed at all from the old style? I have a pair in 26 that fit fine but are just a TEENY bit snug… but my regular size is 24 so I’m worried that sizing up again would be an issue.

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    1. I wear a 28 in many breeches, but I still sized up to a 30 and the fit is very similar except the length is a little shorter. I think a 26 would still work for you would be my guess.


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