Lovely Long Weekend

I left work early on Friday and went to go ride Eli, whose nap time I had clearly interrupted, as I could not get him to go forward. Like, at all. He was falling asleep in the tack while my trainer was petting his face. So I took him for a walk around the property to enjoy the weather at a leisurely pace. Or sometimes just a standstill.

Untitled from rennikka on Vimeo.

No matter, Eli was fine otherwise. Saturday his forwardly-inclined attitude returned and I hacked him around for a little while. Sunday I took him in the round pen to let him move around freely and to see how he really looked on that heel, which is mostly healed.

Untitled from rennikka on Vimeo.

Monday, we had a fabulous jump school with distances coming up easily just about everywhere. It helped that I moved out two of the lines a few feet. We hadn’t jumped a complete course in some time, so after jumping around two different courses each set around 3ft we called it a day. I plan to flat Eli tonight. For once the weather seems to be cooperating!

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