Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Sensogan D-Ring Review

magicalnessI have been a Herm Spenger bit devotee for many years now, beginning with a different horse, also off track, also with a narrow palette. The nutcracker action of single-jointed bits seems pretty displeasing to the sensitive TB types, and the KK Ultra bits offer the perfect solution if you are looking for a double-jointed bit but want something softer than a French link or Dr. Bristol.

Eli had been going in a KK Ultra Aurigan Dee, and occasionally in the WH Ultra, but in light of his recent procedures relating to his teeth and face, I wanted an anatomical upgrade for him so he would theoretically be as comfortable as possible. The Dynamic RS line offered a contour around the mouth bars, and Sensogan having been on the market for a few years, I was curious about it, so I swallowed my reservations about the expense and picked up the Dynamic RS Sensogan Dee from Riding Warehouse.

Is the Sensogan worth it? I say yes! First of all, it’s a prettier color than the brassier Aurigan. It looks more like German silver (I even have a few older HS bits made from that). The Aurigan shows signs of oxidation after only a few rides; the Sensogan has not shown visible signs of oxidation (although presumably there has been some) and I have been using it since November 2015. It has a good weight to it–heavier than a hollow loose-ring but not so weighted that the communication becomes skewed. It does seem slightly heavier than the German silver HS bits I have, but comparable to the Aurigan. Eli is not a super mouthy horse when it comes to the bit, although he seems comfortable in the Dynamic RS shape. I rarely package him up and instead go for a forward gait without worrying about where his head is (unless his ears are in my nostrils). If he wants to stretch out and down on the flat, I let him. He has some tiny bit of foam at the corners of his mouth with the Sensogan, and there is little difference between that and the Aurigan. The Sensogan bits feature the black circle to distinguish it from the Aurigan, and also have an arrow recommending the direction of bit placement in the horse’s mouth. blackcirclearrowEli seems as happy as he ever does under saddle with this bit. Yes, I have tried other double-jointed bits on him and all I get is a bunch of chin-tucking and evasion–the KK Ultra angled lozenge makes a huge difference for Eli. Add to that the seemingly milder Sensogan and the Dynamic RS contours and I have found the perfect bit for Eli. This bit is worth the investment, and will last me years and years.

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  1. glad Eli likes it so much! i’m pretty much a KK Ultra addict at this point (just added a third to my collection… why do i need three of the same bit?!? dunno. but i needed it)…tho hilariously, i had my first one positioned incorrectly for the first few…months before my trainer pointed out the arrow. oops!

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