PS of Sweden Three-point Breastplate Review

3pointI have been regularly using the PS of Sweden Three-point breastplate for well over six months now. I have it in cob size, black leather with silver hardware. The brown was out of stock when I ordered, but seems to be in stock now … In a few words: I love this breastplate.

cobsizeThe PS of Sweden cob size is a generous cob, and seems to fit Eli, a typical American TB, fairly well. I am certain the full size would be too big because Eli is narrow. Had he broader shoulders, a full would fit. So keep your horse’s build in mind when ordering, as with any piece of tack.

The leather is not of French butter status, but the quality for the price is quite exceptional. The leather is also wearing incredibly well–it doesn’t look like it is aging at all, although I vaguely remember that being the case with other black leather strap goods I owned eons ago. It came with a running attachment that I used for a while, but then decided I could no longer adjust it to where I wanted it set for Eli, so went back to using a separate piece of equipment. It is a bit short for him, although the full size attachment may be longer.

This is also a good time point out that if you do choose to use the running attachment, be sure to use the PS of Sweden rein stops with it. Because of the shape of the snap on martingale rings on PS of Sweden running martingales, regular rein stops will NOT stop the rings from potentially interfering with the bit–the PS of Sweden ones are larger and properly stop the rings. And if you use a running martingale without using rein stops, don’t talk to me.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this breastplate, and it makes an excellent economical alternative to the pricier CWD three-point that is extremely popular right now. I am even considering pick up the brown one for shows.

On three-points generally, I have found that I greatly prefer them over the more traditional hunt style breastplates that snap to the saddle dees. I discovered that with Eli, breastplates that snapped to the saddle dees torqued my saddle forward and down after a session of jumping, which is quite frankly beyond unacceptable. With the three points, they attach to three points of the girth and seem less likely to shift the saddle and create excess pressure in one area instead of allowing the pressure from the weight of the rider in the saddle to be more evenly distributed (even that is impossible, but why knowingly cause a problem with a piece of equipment?). However, depending on the build of your horse and your saddle’s fit, you may not encounter this problem.

In other news, Conrad is doing well! His little flippy ears are the cutest.

earflipEli is also doing well; his heel is healing up, and the rings should be dry enough for me to ride him again tonight.


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  1. Yay!
    I have used mine once, cuz rain. But I got the full and it fits Cosmo well except the par that attaches to D on the girth is a little long, but I guess that’s not really a big deal. Mine also has their logo stamped onto all the leather keepers and there is a little plastic.shiny blue logo piece on the straps that go from his chest to the ring on the shoulder. Not over done, but they put their name on it.
    I showed it to the tack buyer at work (I am trying to get them to carry PS of Sweden, but I don’t think PSoS has a distributor, or something like that, which prevents this from coming to be) and she liked it. She thinks the leather is Italian which is a little shiny for her tastes but good quality.

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  2. Thanks for this review! I’ve been eyeing this breastplate and it helps to know that it’s nice! Can I ask a quick question? How does it attach at the girth? Is there a snap for a D, or a loop for a billet to slip through?


    1. It attaches with loops at the bullets and at the center of the girth. There might be a snap for a girth d, but I don’t use those and I can’t remember if I took on off or not.


  3. i love the look of breast plates but i already have saddle fit issues of it getting too far up on the mare’s shoulders and would loathe to use any equipment that could potentially make it worse… must fix saddle fit, ugh….


  4. I bought one in brown a few weeks ago but haven’t used it yet. Annie is going in a standing right now… I am a little worried it will be big ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ I had the CWD Bridge for Houston but sold it bc Annie is so much smaller. The quality doesn’t compare (but it’s also way cheaper. It’s a great piece for the price for sure.

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      1. Yeah, mostly on COTH, and we all know they can kind of be snobs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have never touched any of their products, but a couple of the reviews on COTH made me a bit gun shy.


        1. The leather is nice and their prices reflect the quality. Like I say, it’s not buttery soft magically pliant French leather, and it doesn’t do that kind of damage to your bank account. It definitely works for my purposes.


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