Weenie Wednesday: Recovery

Sooooo …. Conrad got sick between Christmas and New Year’s. Not really sick, just not well. New Year’s Eve I took him to his vet.

squishyfaceGlad I did, because he had a couple things going on that needed to be addressed right away. He is now feeling much better! Still have some things to address, but fortunately he is back to being himself.

luminariaHe is on medication and a special diet, and will go in for dental work after the course of medication. His diet is already back to incorporating his own regular food and the medication doesn’t seem to bother him too much.

nobilityConrad is no exception to the fact that dogs hide their sickness when they are sick. He never really acted sick, but he had a few symptoms that bothered me; taking him to his vet turned out to be the right decision.

In other news, Eli felt very sound last night. I rode him very lightly and with a wrap still on the heel. If the rain stays out of the area, I’ll ride him for a little longer tonight.


17 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Recovery

  1. Hope he starts feeling 100% better soon! It amazed me how big Rockie’s tumor was when we found it. He hadn’t really acted all that sick, a little more tired than usual, but otherwise totally normal until he was really, really sick. Makes me wish that dogs could talk.

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