I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, but this year feels like the best time to go vegetarian. I eat very little meat as it is, although I love cheese so vegan is out of the question. Giving up what little meat I do eat, which now is mostly bacon (and the occasional chicken or turkey, which I can only even eat a few bites of before getting kind of grossed out), should be easy, right?

So that’s a pretty big personal goal, giving up meat for good. I think I may have put goals in writing at some point last year, but quickly found that the unpredictability of life with horses left me reluctant to put much more “on paper.” But perhaps I can set just one major goal that involves meeting a lot of other smaller requirements: schooling 1.20m courses at home with Eli. We had just started down this road in September, but got sidelined after jumping only a few fences at that height. Eli’s health and recovery took precedence over everything else. So barring any major roadblocks like that, I think this is something we can accomplish in the space of the next 12 months.

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