Mane Jane Spur Straps Review

I’ve been wearing spurs regularly for years on just about any horse, and more recently have been riding Eli in the roller ball spurs every ride. Basic black leather spur straps, while ever so utilitarian, just weren’t cutting it for me any more.

I follow the Styled Equestrian on Instagram and discovered Mane Jane through her account. While I had seen spur straps with fancy silver buckles or rhinestones here and there, these colored spur straps with cute little creatures and motifs on the keepers absolutely blew my mind. Where have these been all my life??? I bought a pair for myself, and also a pair for a friend as a Christmas present, so I have been sitting on these a while, not posting about them until after Christmas to keep the surprise for my friend.

foxdetail First of all, trying to decide which ones I wanted was quite a chore, because they were all so cute, and the possibilities endless with customization available. I decided for my first pair to go a little conservative and get brown straps with a little fox face on the keepers.

I received the straps within days of my order in some really cute packaging, with peppermints and a branded seamless hot pink hair tie thrown in–Mane Jane knows what horse chicks like for sure! We never have enough hair ties or peppermints. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what the leather quality would be like. It’s hard to tell from a picture, and sometimes brightly colored leather can come off looking a bit plastic-y. This is absolutely not the case with Mane Jane spur straps. The straps I ordered were soft, supple, and even had a subtle gold glitter throughout the brown. I have now been wearing them for weeks, and they have held up beautifully, without cracking, and they clean as easily as any other equestrian strap goods.

twotoneObviously, I’m going to need another set of straps! Now I just have to decide which ones … this could take a while …

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