Christmas Eve Lesson Recap

Since my trainer and I were both around, we decided to school on Christmas Eve. Eli had the right frame of mind for some grid work, so that’s what we settled on doing. For Eli, we worked on teaching him to back himself up in a combination. For me, we worked on me staying upright in the irons through a combination instead of laying on Eli’s neck. Of course, if I stayed back, then it would be easier for Eli to back himself up.

We went through the combination a few times with the jumps low, then my trainer raised the jumps and had us filmed (thank you, Brianna & Mojave!). The first time through, I came in bigger than necessary, leaned all up in Eli’s business, and he just kind of plowed through. But I’m saving that video for a fail Friday post this week. Our collective mistakes (mine being the worst and precipitating his) were sufficiently instructive. The next two times through (these times from much less pace), I am so very happy with, enough that we called it a day.

Here’s the second time through the grid:

MAH00010 from rennikka on Vimeo.

And the third:

MAH00011 from rennikka on Vimeo.

I think we got it!

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