Good Tidings

smalldentFirst, apologies for my failure to give notice that I wouldn’t be posting over the holidays–it wasn’t exactly planned, I just didn’t get around to updating y’all because I was living off of sugar and coffee and generally enjoying things other than the internet. Second, LOOK AT ELI’S DENT. It is still shrinking. And hair has almost completely grown over where the vet drilled in the middle of his face. Yays for days.

eversohandsomeMy lack of posts meant missing a Weenie Wednesday, so I give you some bonus Conrad. He and Eli both got fun stuff for Christmas, although it’s not like it’s stuff they don’t get all the time anyway.

weenie xmas from rennikka on Vimeo.

Apple time from rennikka on Vimeo.

Some things you can look forward to in the next few days and weeks:

manejanefoxReviews! I am hoping to get four reviews done in four weeks for y’all–fancy spur straps, a bit, breeches, and maybe I’ll finally give a proper review for the PS of Sweden 3 point breast plate.

I’ll also be posting a lesson recap tomorrow with video that you have probably already seen if you follow me on social media.

I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year and that none of you have suffered at the hands of some seriously bad weather. Leave it to Texas to have blizzards and tornadoes on the same day.

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