Actually Jumped My Horse. Over Fences.

Ah, but of course I have no media … just as well, Eli was a bit fresh for our first proper, although brief, jump school in about 8 weeks. He needs to jump about 2x a week to stay rideable, so not jumping for that long … he had a lot of energy to burn, a lot of play time to make up for.

jumperagainI had been doing a little flatwork on him since last week, and got in enough decent rides (minus the Saturday horse & rider rogue kite flying in a gale) the days before so that jumping him on Monday seemed reasonably do-able. We jumped maybe 15 fences, including the crazy-painted skinny. His being so lit up led me to decide to hold for add steps, especially as the jumps were not sizeable. I will be ramping up his flat work back to our usual intensity, and add in all the poles and cavaletti, so hopefully our next few times schooling over fences with the trainer will be a little more evened out, where he’s going forward and focused instead of bouncing around everywhere. He gets points for excitement about his job, anyway.

I have to add: if I didn’t already own the PS of Sweden High Jump, I’d be buying right now–it puts absolutely no pressure on Eli’s sinuses–it’s completely contoured around them, whereas straps on a figure 8 would probably be sitting on or near where he’s got a hole in his face.

About those holes … here’s a Tuesday Progression Sequence that really wows me. Amazed how well horses heal up.


Day after Eli got back from the clinic. Still has sutures in the front, and lots of medicated gauze in his face.



Holes healing up a week or so into home care. The hole (that was drilled) in the front pretty much looks healed over at this point.



Yesterday … the hole is smaller than my trainer’s pinky fingertip, so getting gauze in there is a little more difficult. (Pictured without the gauze.)

Eli will probably always have a denty-looking scar, but who cares? He’s feeling 100% himself again, and that’s all that matters to me. Also–fur mom brag alert–the last two times I’ve held Eli while my trainer changes the gauze, we have done it without sedation or even a twitch, with minimal fuss. There’s a brain in his head after all.

20151120roll.mp4 from rennikka on Vimeo.

Eli does enjoy a good roll. Thankfully the fly mask and gauze keep dirt out of his sinus cavity.

This weekend calls for rain, but my barn is going to circumvent it by taking a field trip to a nearby facility with a covered arena, so that should be interesting–we have to bring our own jumps, but nice of the facility to let us! I don’t know if Eli has ever been in a covered arena (although I think he has been in an indoor).

This Weenie Wednesday I plan on finally doing the Ruffwear Front Range Harness Review, and you can expect a review on Black Friday of another good stocking stuffer, in the spirit of holiday consumerism.

22 thoughts on “Actually Jumped My Horse. Over Fences.

  1. Those have healed so well! So good to hear how he’s recovered. I’m such a medical nerd, I’ve loved watching his progress! Out of curiosity, what’s the long term plan for something like this? As in – is he just more prone to sinus issues and would have to have this done again? Managed through medication? Or is it more of a one time, freak type thing?

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    • Long term, he shouldn’t have any issues. The sinus infection was secondary to the badly decayed tooth. Since the tooth got extracted, the necrotized tissue removed, and the infection seems to have cleared, my hope is this is the tail end of it. Apparently bad/abscessed teeth can cause these sinus issues pretty easily and the only real treatment is pull the tooth.


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