If You Just Want a Manhattan Recipe, Skip to the End

It’s not that I have nothing to say. I just don’t have a well-organized blog-post-worth of much to say right now.

Eli is doing quite well. He’s got an adjustment scheduled tomorrow morning, and I hope to be riding him after that. Except rain and the time change may thwart me. Anyway, I think he’s finally in a condition where I am a little more comfortable sharing what he looks like.

This is from Sunday. He looked even better last night.

Still very ouchie-looking. Still with gauze stuffed into his face. But other than that? He really seems pretty much himself. As in, he tries to bite me a lot and halfheartedly threatens to kick me when I brush out his tail. I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself about being excited about riding him (how’s that for ugly phrasing?), but oh my god it is going to be so nice to ride him instead of other horses that are not him. He’s got a few presents on the way that should be here tomorrow, so Thursday would be looking good but for the forecast. Maybe I’ll actually get to ride him again before 2016? Maybe?

So all this rain has got me wondering if I should get Conrad a life jacket. He’s rather tiny.

teenieweenieI live near a creek that fills up with floodwaters. He is almost never off-leash outside, and I would not be one to evacuate and leave the animals behind. So I think a life jacket for Conrad is something I’d rather have and not need than need and not have.

nobleinreasonEspecially so if this part of the state is going to have historic flooding every Memorial Day and every Halloween every damn year.

Almost to the Manhattan recipe …

Cleaning up Eli’s face isn’t something I’ve been able to do regularly, but thankfully it gets done daily. Woohoo for full care! Sunday, I did do it myself. Eli got an apple and cookies for tolerating me trying to get scarlet oil where it needed to go and not all over me. For accomplishing that, I bought myself Whataburger.

whataburgerNo, Whataburger does not sell alcoholic beverages. I made myself a Manhattan. Here’s the Manhattan I made:


2 parts Knob Creek bourbon
1 part Antica vermouth
A few dashes of Angostura

Shake ingredients over ice
Serve in a really big martini glass
Garnish with a halved strawberry

Maraschino cherries are nasty. Go with the strawberry, or blackberry.

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  1. ugh poor Eli! seriously tho it’s definitely looking better, and will hopefully keep healing up nice and fast! (also i’m now very hungry after reading this post and am craving a milkshake haha… go figure)

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