Weekend Recap

First, I got my pony back! Eli is at home recuperating and hopefully nothing eventful will happen while he heals. Over the weekend, I visited him on both Saturday and Sunday in the rather dreary rain, as he had just had another procedure on Friday. But after that procedure, my horse no longer smells of Camembert.

In non-horse-related (mostly) weekend events, I had a truly decadent dinner at an “upscale” Italian place with two friends, who fortunately did not care that I was still in breeches and tall boots. I figured, it’s Austin, who cares? Like, maybe three people, and none of them were at this restaurant. The occasion for the dinner was one of the friends is moving to SF in a week. I’m happy for him in that he’ll be expanding his business, but he is a regular dining companion so I am definitely bummed we won’t be able to just grab dinner any old night we feel like it. Bright side: place to stay in SF.

torteSo much wine. All the desserts. No really, I’m not kidding. We ordered 3/4ths of the dessert menu. And it was all pretty amazing. Especially the chocolate torte thingy.

On Monday morning, Eli got the okay to go home. He even got turned out for a little bit while at the clinic before hopping on the trailer and apparently had a grand time. I groomed the crap out of him Monday evening, and a few boarders were around asking how he was. And I’ll tell you, I had to explain something particularly gruesome–Eli has a hole the size of a quarter in his face. Other than that, he is doing well, eating everything, sassing at me while I brush his flanks, and on antibiotics in the form of a shot because he’s effectively impossible to medicate with antibiotics orally unless he’s sedated.

I struggled with whether or not I should post a picture of him in the state he’s in, but so many of you have shared all kinds of injuries and whatnot. I do see vet bills like I see my own medical bills–not for the public eye. But in case any of you ever have to go through tooth and sinus stuff with your own ponies, I think sharing one picture is overall not a bad idea.

yikesThe hole is stuffed with gauze and medicine for now, and the vet will be out tomorrow to redress everything. This morning after I groomed the crap out of him again and walked him around the property, I left him napping in the sun–he must be just so exhausted after everything and my guess is he’s happy to be home.

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