Frankenpony Update

I visited Eli again last evening, which is quite a hike from where I work–like two counties up the interstate BUT the drive is worth it. Maybe he’ll be back at KBF by the end of the week?

lookingbetterThe grooming session I am going to unleash on this horse when he gets home is going to be epic. Ready your pen, James Joyce. Eli seems to enjoy being a bit dirty for more than a few minutes for once in his life, though. He also had a few cats keeping him company. He tried to sniff noses with one kitty, but the cat did the jerkhole cat thing and walked just out of reach.

profileA lot of the swelling has gone down, and the drainage is way way way less nasty than it was. I’m not really thinking too much about what’s next or when I can ride him again yet, so this will continue to be the world’s most boring October.

But don’t assume I’m not shopping for riding clothes anyway. You’ve seen the new breeches on GhoDho’s insta, no doubt?

needYeah. Those will be in my closet. Also, they’re coming out with white, too. Between GhoDho and Lo-Ride, I don’t think I’ll be buying a pair of Tailored Sportsmans ever again.

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