frankenponyI visited Eli at the clinic on Saturday morning. He stood outside enjoying some sun and looked pretty damn good. The picture is the least gory I took, and I deleted all the gorier pictures. He looks ready for Halloween. He attempted rather enthusiastically to trample me for the apple I had for him and seemed determined to itch his bloody snotty face on me. (Bloody snotty stains do come out after a soak in cold water.)Β  I think he’s doing pretty well, and I’m hoping to have him back home mid-week.

Since Eli has been out of commission as far as riding goes, I’ve caught a few rides here and there on other horses, which is keeping me from going completely batshit insane. However, riding other horses makes me appreciate my own horse that much more and reminds me of the amount of work and time that goes into a partnership like ours, and that taking any of it for granted is foolish. Eli decided long before I did that he was my horse, and I’m thankful that I eventually caught up to his ideas.

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