Weenie Wednesday (and a bonus Eli update)

When is Conrad not cute? Never.

chopsposecopperpatedEli gets a cameo …

allthehayEli had a tooth extracted yesterday, and he’s going to be at the clinic for a few days for flushing the affected sinus. The extraction went well, and once he woke up from the drugs I could tell he was feeling MUCH better already and even chewing up his hay much more easily. As for the sinus flushing … look up “equine sinus trephination.” Yanking a tooth and drilling a hole in my horse’s face may seem like pony torture, but this was not a wait and see situation for Eli any longer. I’m glad we could get the extraction done yesterday and I am eternally grateful to our vet and the specialist that came in and got this done. I’m torn about whether I should write a more detailed post about it once Eli is back home and fully recovered, mainly because I am not a vet, so anything I write would just be my vague sense of what was going on–I wasn’t even present for the extraction, and I wouldn’t want anything misinterpreted, and I am not open to speculation from outsiders on this particular issue. Secondarily, while I am perfectly fine exploiting my dog and horse on here when they are happy and healthy, I am reluctant to dwell much on their woes. I think I might put together a timeline post on it to process it & stick with just the facts, but until then Eli is in good hands and on the road to recovery!

The next dental adventures will be Conrad’s. Apparently dachshunds have really crappy teeth and teeth cleaning is a must. Although I’m not sure when I will schedule him for a cleaning yet. One dental adventure at a time!

14 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday (and a bonus Eli update)

  1. You are having bad tooth juju! Glad Eli got taken care of! But seriously, do not wait on dog teeth… Apparently shih tzu’s also have crappy teeth and I kinda ignored it and then my guy had an infection and we had to remove like all but 3 teeth and he’s fine now but my bank account still is not. Good luck with the doggy dentist!

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  2. You must be so relieved to have the situation and Eli back to feeling better! Personally I would be interested in reading more about it, but totally understand your hesitation about posting many details

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    • I am definitely glad for that nasty tooth to be out, for sure! I’m still on the fence about writing more about it … I’m still kind of processing it all and Eli still needs recovery time.


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