No Glorious Summer Here

Having winter of discontent over here with poor Eli. His snot smells like really expensive cheese. In addition to his diagnosed issues, he is now having problems chewing, which 1) means he has something else dental going on probably (even though we just checked his teeth!), and 2) he has trouble eating up the antibiotics in his food. The antibiotics haven’t really made a difference.

20151010_nofun.mp4 from rennikka on Vimeo.

Eli is not running a fever, still has no discernible swelling about his head, and still looks pretty peppy in turnout, but truly I know he’s just miserable. Plus I just can’t bring myself to ride him in this condition, even though light exercise is supposed to help with the drainage, so I’ve just been hand-walking him around–and believe me there is plenty of drainage anyways. I just can’t imagine a bit in his mouth or a nose-band on him right now. Fortunately, I had a chance to speak with our vet over the weekend and we are going to try to get him in this week to flush the sinus and do whatever he needs teeth-wise. Until then, I’ve been making him a mush/mash of his regular grain with water, applesauce, molasses, and carrot bits. He eats up some of it every time, but it’s hard for him to finish and he seems to prefer hay or grass to grain right now.

mushI’m hopeful we can get this all addressed this week, instead of having to wait until the 27th. The whole thing makes me worry too much, resulting in bizarre dreams–last night I dreamt I wrote the wrong bank account number while endorsing a check and decided to fix the problem by moving to France and living as a kitchen wench in Provence. Yeah. That makes sense.

I figured since I never wanted human kids, I’d avoid the whole snotty nose, sticky hands thing, but nope. It happens to fur kids, too. You know you must love your horse when you let him wipe snot that smells like Roquefort all over your Kastel.


22 thoughts on “No Glorious Summer Here

  1. There was a horse at a barn I boarded at that had an infected tooth. He had similar symptoms. I think the tooth had to be removed and he might have had a drain for awhile but I don’t really remember.

    Hope he’s okay soon!

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    • Thanks! That’s my expectation, that one the tooth is out and the sinus flushed he’ll have a drain for a little bit. I think the vet may scope the sinus, too, in case it’s not just the tooth.


  2. Maybe there’s a benefit to our current October heat wave – it’ll help sweat out whatever is gunked up in Eli’s nose. I hope the vet has good answers tomorrow!

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