Taking a Sick Day

grazingbooMonday evening when I went to visit Eli after work, his non-specific, kind of maybe allergies symptoms changed into very specific, probably know what this is now symptoms. He had (pretty foul) smelly snot from his right nostril, but still no fever, although sometimes his temperature is borderline. In the time I’ve known this horse, this is the first time he’s had this particular symptom. I called the vet Tuesday and scheduled and appointment for an oral exam and head x-ray on Wednesday.

The findings: tooth with a carie, sinus filled with something (Don’t get me started on all the things my vet was saying the sinus thing could be (there’s no way to narrow it down with just an x-ray)–I was like, WRONG ANSWER, SIR. I really do love my vet, though.). On the x-rays, all the tooth roots looked good, so hopefully there is no abscess anywhere. Eli is now on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory, and once the antibiotics kick in after a few days he will be taken off the anti-inflammatory. The most likely treatment will be tooth extraction and flushing the sinus. He has an appointment with an excellent vet who specializes in equine dentistry and standing extractions (and travels extensively to conduct the procedure all over the country and even out of the country), but not until the 27th, although my vet sent Eli’s x-rays to this vet immediately. He’ll stay on antibiotics until then, and his regular vet even said light exercise might be okay if he responds to the antibiotics. I am reluctant to do much with him in his current condition–I can only imagine he must be in some pain, and I now know why he has a respiratory issue! Hopefully in a few days the antibiotics will alleviate the snotty nose, and he’ll feel better.

peacefulcoexistenceI’m thinking this might be a good time for a little groundwork improvement, provided Eli’s symptoms clear up. I gave him a bath and let him graze for a long time after the vet left. He seems to be doing well and is eating, especially he is interested in grazing and munching on his hay. I may also ride him very lightly between now and his next appointment, because I honestly think he may get quite bored if I don’t. I think the sinus is really what’s bothering him the most, so I’ll probably pull the noseband off of his hunter bridle if I do ride him. And obviously if Eli does not respond to the antibiotics, it’s back to the drawing board.

In better news, a very good, close friend of mine is in town for a short work-related stay, and we met up for dinner last night. I wore my weenie tee!

weenieteeBlowing off a little steam after a disappointing day helps!

blowingoffsteamI am just really hoping the antibiotics help Eli and get him more comfortable until his appointment with the specialist.

Sadly, this does mean no 2pointober for us, but I’ll be cheering on everyone to improve their times!

20 thoughts on “Taking a Sick Day

  1. Awww, I hope he’s feeling better soon! It sounds like you have quite a talented vet/dental team around you, so I’m sure whatever is bothering Eli will be cleared up and he’ll be back to his normal antics in no time πŸ™‚ Sending healing vibes your way!

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