Five Fall Riding Outfit Fantasies

October already! Consider this a wish list for my closet of autumn riding attire. Cooler temperatures require layering on the clothes. These layers are calling to me. Loudly. And really, I’m posting ten things here, not just five–a wallet-respectful option, and the version for those of us who are more financially cavalier. Wait, we have horses. We are all, just a little bit at least, financially cavalier.

The Breeches
Winter riding breeches have not really been on my radar because I live in Texas and it’s only winter for, like, three days. But then I saw some winter riding breeches that I really, really wanted.

B Vertigo BVX Alexia Women’s Knee Patch Winter Breeches

36559_WGRI love the color, the styling, and the sticky knee patches on the these breeches. Does anyone have any experience with B Vertigo breeches? Do I want them? Are they worth the price?

In the interest of fairness, I have trolled the infinite for (Texas) winter riding tights that are a little more budget-friendly and that get good reviews.

Irideon Power Stretch Breeches

30-3115-FO-z-01They are also green. Anyone tried these? Are they warm?

The Belt
Do you struggle with keeping your pants on? Don’t actually tell me, but let me just suggest a few belts, and we’ll call it a day.

The Spur Belts

greenpatentspurbeltI have one of these already, so to buy a second would be truly frivolous and irresponsible. But omg HUNTER GREEN PATENT.

C4 Bits n Pieces Belt

c4beltSoooooo I missed the very important memo that C4 makes a belt strap WITH BITS ON IT. C4 does give a portion of every purchase to a charity of your choice, therefore, I am honor-bound to buy this belt, right?

The Scarf
Okay, so here … there is no less expensive option. Well, technically, the skull cashmere scarf is less expensive than the Burberry scarf … Don’t kill my dreams, people.

The Burberry Classic Cashmere Scarf

burberryscarfOther than an Hermès silk scarf, this is the most recognizable scarf. And cashmere? Just splurge already. Or pay your utility bills for the next six months. Either way.

Luther Fringe Scarf

85186---luthor-scarf---cerise_black_01Yeah, it’s a little edgy. Maybe even annoyingly so. But again, cashmere. I don’t know, I just like it!

The Base Layer
We can’t ride topless. Seriously, please don’t ride topless. If you have an extremely well-tailored option like a shirt from Fior da Liso, you’ll want to wear it every day. A few months ago, I found one on eBay for over 50% off from a retailer who was clearing out last season’s stock. It is truly the nicest shirt I have ever owned. I can wear it to work. I can take a lesson in it. I can wear it in the jumper ring for classes under the standard jumper attire rules. I can wear it to a boozy brunch on the weekend. I’m going to wear it a lot, is what I’m trying to tell you. In this case, I see a second one as a good investment.

Fior da Liso Judith I

2900-00834_JudithI-blueicecheckIf you haven’t tried on a Fior da Liso blouse, you are missing out on some serious Italian tailoring ingeniousness.

Plaid doesn’t have to be Italian. Oh, most of the time, it’s not, huh? Plaid shirts generally seem like an equestrian fall staple, so affordable ones are coveted.

Lands’ End Women’s Flannel Shirt

447806_AK15_LF_EH7You want something well constructed to ride in–this shirt could be it. Plus that salmon and mint plaid combo would actually look super cute with the green B Vertigo breeches. Just a thought.

The Vest
Here’s where the layering comes on strong. Cool mornings and mild afternoons call for something versatile, like a vest. Not too hot, but not freezing, either. I already have a few vests in my closet, so I can’t really justify buying one, but there are some really pretty ones this season and it’s going to be kind of difficult to imagine my wardrobe without them.

Asmar Melton Vest

ae1512-melton-vest-noel-asmar-equestrian-womens-tops-outerwear-slate-front_6Like this vest from Asmar. Ugh. Want.

Sticker shock? Always. But there are less expensive alternatives that are just as stylish.

J.Crew Factory Textured Quilted Puffer Vest


$54.00 < $218.00. Yet they are equally fitting the fall equestrian style bill.

Any autumn necessities I missed? What’s in your chifforobe?

28 thoughts on “Five Fall Riding Outfit Fantasies

  1. For winter breeches, I LOVE my Kerrits Power Stretch fleece ones! They are stretchy enough but still structured, super warm and they have a handy phone-sized pocket along the side of the leg. Seriously, I would wear them to lounge around in (if they weren’t always dirty in the winter from so much use!). Last winter, I tried a pair of another brand’s fleece breeches and found them to be stiff, uncomfortable and oddly shaped. The calves/knees and waistband were extremely tight while the rest was an okay fit. I’m sticking with my Kerrits all the way!

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  2. I’m all about layering with cute/comfy knitted sweaters. I don’t know why, but I just can’t do vests. My center stays plenty warm on its own, but my arms and fingers are always chilly. If I could, I would buy just extra sleeves. Haha.

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  3. I felt a pair of B Vertigo breeches at Katy last week, the fabric seemed to be nice and similar to other breeches. But oooh that color. And that green belt. Dying. So horse show broke right now, must resist

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  4. When I look at streetwear from equestrian companies I always have a mini stroke at the prices. I mean are they FOR REAL? Do people actually PAY THOSE MONEYS? I have a bright purple vest I got from Target two years ago that will be back in rotation this year (despite the drier chewing up one of the pocket zippers), and treated myself to one new pair of breeches. Boom. Done. Clothing money for the year spent.

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  5. I can attest that the Irideon PowerStretch breeches are AMAZING. They are like sweatpants- super soft, super fleecy.

    B Vertigo is nice stuff- well made, stylish, etc etc. I don’t know if it’s worth full retail, but if you’re patient, Horze will inevitably have them on sale. (I hear they’re planning a big thing for Black Friday.) If not, I could probably hook you up. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • GAH don’t tempt me with the hookup, that is bad! But thank you for offering and I might just take you up on it 🙂 I’ll see how Black Friday goes (but that is SO FAR from now)


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