Weenie Wednesday: DST Rant

I’m taking a stand. Yes, Daylight Savings Time means more hours of light at the end of the day for those of us who ride after work. But my barn has arena lights.

I don’t like Daylight Savings. Waking up in the dark is hard. I want that extra hour of sleep back, and I want to walk my dog in daylight in the mornings.

weeniebundleWaking up is hard enough.

weeniebedToo bad I can’t work from home. Or have a more flexible work schedule. Conrad would appreciate that.

darkwalkWalking him in the dark pretty much blows.

sodarkPlus he growls at stuff I can’t see. So I’m like, great. I bet it’s a tiger. With wings.

cannotseeWaking up before dawn is so uncivilized.

notawakeEvery weekday morning, Conrad considers skipping breakfast and going back to bed.

yumminsHe wishes for bacon.

breakfastBut then he eats anyway. And then goes back to bed.

I’m ready to fall back.

20 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: DST Rant

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  1. I like DST! While waking up in the dark isn’t very fun, I love seeing the sunrise on my way to the barn. And there’s something super cool about sunset occurring at 9 PM. Winter is just terrible all around- it’s still dark in the morning, but now it’s cold, and it gets dark early in the evening, too.


  2. I used to love DST as a trainer because then I could shove a lot more after-school lessons into my schedule. Now… getting up in the dark for work sucks. Even when I leave late, I still watch the sunrise on my commute. I can see the downsides a lot better now!


  3. “Every weekday morning, Conrad considers skipping breakfast and going back to bed.” This is me, so me! lol

    Love the growling comment. I, sad to say, still run up the stairs like I am on crack when it is dark …..boogy man…. :S

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