Favorite Followings

I’m a little obsessed with Instagram, my favorite social media platform. I am also a little obsessed with certain Instagram accounts. Images can be so powerful, and Instagram keeps adding good updates. I thought y’all might enjoy a peek into who I’m following, both equestrian and otherwise. I’m picking 16 accounts to showcase and annotate, because I’m a librarian like that.

Equestrian Brands
Equestri LifeStyle
Major source of equestrian style and style ideas for me. Put me down for another spur belt.

Sport Horse Lifestyle
But don’t put me down for cardio.

The Herbal Horse LLC
Everything smells magical here. Everything.

Lo-Ride Equestrian Wear
Good things come from California. Great breeches come from California.

Equi In Style
It’s official. My chosen IceFil sunshirt brand is EIS. The colors keep bringing me back.

Equestrian Themes
The Styled Equestrian
My go-to account for riding outfit inspiration. Absolutely flawless!

Horses & fashion. Polo & outfits. Wanderlust, even. Do you need more, really?

ALL the pretty horses. Travel from the comfort of your mobile device.

Are you sensing a theme yet? Travel with the A-circuit.

I just love this account, okay? I have owned a horse named Leo AND a palomino, so of course!

Non-Equestrian, but So Worth a Look
Always Judging
In an alternate universe, perhaps this would be my life.

Christian Siriano
I want all of it. Especially the lime green stuff.

Butter London
Manis, vicariously. Because ain’t no way a mani lasts more than a day at the barn.

Kendra Scott
You might start to think I have a thing for COLOR. ATX accessory necessity.

Crusoe Dachshund
Once upon a time, an evil genius dressed up weenie dogs as minions.

Bonus Follow
Official Poldark
Aidan Turner riding, brooding, and scything shirtless on the Cornish coast. You’re welcome.

9 thoughts on “Favorite Followings

  1. I have been spending more and more time on IG. Some of these are new to me, and have been added 🙂

    Here are couple accounts I have recently added:
    Socalitybarbie – kinda of an IG spoof account. hilarious
    rafaelmantesso – a guy takes pictures of his dog in front of a while wall…
    beigecardigan – random funny things.

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