NHW Blog Hop Challenge

NHWbloghopNo Hour Wasted, challenge accepted!

Tell me about a challenge you set for yourself and accomplished, or set yourself a new challenge and keep us updated!

The timing of this hop could not have been better for me–last Saturday my trainer and I discussed adding 3’9″ into the mix, so that is the challenge I have set for myself! Jump Eli at 3’9″, whether it’s one fence or ten, get it done! I’ve been working toward this all along, not knowing if it would ever happen. I have jumped that height in the past, and schooled my previous jumper regularly at that height. But at that time, I also had the benefit of a grand prix veteran riding that horse for me, in some larger classes, so I could SEE how easy 3’9″ was for that horse.

But with Eli, it is ALL me in the tack. I know the height will not be an issue for him–he cruises over 3’6″ without too much effort. But 3’9″ is kind of my boundary height, after which I start getting nervous about the jumps. Even at 3’9″, depending on the question, a nerve or two will creep in. However, Eli has shown me he is willing, able, and ready for this next step and I am determined to take it. And hopefully film it, which has become how I end almost every post on this blog right now. So maybe just getting film should be my challenge? Also, I think I might need to challenge myself to learning the feet – meter conversions, so I know what is roughly 3’9″ in meters–the last time I rode in an A-show, the jumpers were still set in feet and inches, so it’s been a while. I think it basically works out to 1.15m?

20 thoughts on “NHW Blog Hop Challenge

  1. You got this! I bet once you get a few courses under your belt, it will be fine! Even after many years showing, I still canter down to the first jump every. single. course and think “Errr are we gonna make it?”, so I can relate with your mental head games a lot. But just relax and trust your pony and go for it! And definitely get video.

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  2. Yay! It is funny how 3 inches can make a difference. You and Eli will kill it! Then it’s on to 1.2m (4ft) !! Video and pics definitely needed…politely requested 🙂

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