Labor Day Spa Day

Eli got today off, and a bath, and some clipping. It gave me a chance to try the Herbal Horse Organic Shampoo. Although I washed most of Eli’s body with a mix of baby shampoo and rosewater conditioner, I washed his mane, tail, and his hind cannons with the Herbal Horse shampoo. I got the tea tree & mint scent, and it smelled really, really good, but not overwhelming. Plus tea tree is good for keeping fungus at bay and soothing itchiness. So far, I love this stuff and want my own bottle!

organicshampooEli had his own opinion about bath time, of course.

slightlypeevedAs you can see, Eli was in need of a clip, so I clipped his muzzle and bridle path after he dried, and trimmed his tail just a bit. I managed to spend over 2 hours at the barn engaged in Eli’s spa day.

stillpeevedThe end result satisfies me, even if Admiral Side Eye wanted to get down to grazing business. And yes, his feet are quite due for shoes–he’ll get new ones Wednesday.

tailI have been using the Herbal Horse customer favorite Healthy Hair on Eli’s tail, and I have noticed some good results even only after a few uses. It has a permanent home in my groom box now.

Yes, he did get to graze, finally!

alsograzinghere grazing

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