Time for a Break

From work, not riding! I haven’t had much more than a day or two off since last November. Stay-cation starts at 5pm today. Consequently, I haven’t had much time at work to do the things I’d rather be doing (such as this) because I’ve been getting everything set up for me to be the F out of Dodge for 6 working days. BUT I wanted to share what I got with the Smartpak gift card from ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing’s blogiversary contest!

spoilsI took this as a good opportunity to try out the Smartpak AP Lite pad–gray binding and a red monogram, because I’m into that color combo right now. I tried it on Eli last night, but didn’t ride in it yet because I like to wash stuff like this in case there is any chemical residue left over from manufacturing before my horse sweats in it. Review forthcoming, no doubt.

I also wanted to provide an update of the Ariat Heritage tall boots. Don’t let the reviews that say “no break in time” lead you astray. There is break in time. They are still breaking in. Is it like tall boots of yore, trying to break in those MFs? No. But they are taking their sweet time with dropping down a bit more. I finally got them zipped up almost to the top and could button over the zipper.

dropdammitI think it’s a matter of the gussets stretching just a bit more. Otherwise, these are good boots for schooling purposes for sure!

shouldhaveorderedshortsEli had a flu/rhino booster on Wednesday, and his regular vet checked his teeth and thinks he’s good to go for another 4 or 5 months. Other than that, he’s been pretty awesome under saddle on the flat, all things–like the opening days of dove season and zealous dove hunting neighbors–considered. My lesson Saturday will be gridwork, and hopefully I can get some film of it!


19 thoughts on “Time for a Break

  1. So jealous that those ariats fit you – the slim in my foot size is just a smiddddge too big. But they are so so pretty!

    Also, I got the SmartPak AP pad and it is actually a very nice pad for the price. I think you’ll like it! The color combo is pretty!


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  2. My Ariat tall boots broke in pretty quickly. My Ariat Classic III half-chaps not so much. When trying them on in the tack shop it took three of us to get them on me. That should have been the first red flag! But once on they felt amazing. It took three weeks of regular ware for me to be able to zip them all the way down on my own. Several months later its still a major struggle to zip them all the way down (but at least they do zip), and only one of the flaps to cover the zipper will actually snap closed.

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