Lo-Ride Equestrian Breeches Preview

So this last belated review of review week will read more like a preview. I have only had a chance to wear the pair of Lo-Ride Equestrian breeches once since I bought them, but I am super impressed with the quality and functionality of these breeches–finally a pair of breeches that I don’t get too hot in AND I don’t get sweaty in them at all!

inthesaddleI rode in these breeches on Friday evening. 7:30pm, 97F, blazing, setting sun. They kept me cool and dry. No joke. I am truly thrilled with these breeches!

embroidery muricaLo-Ride breeches have nice details, like piping on the pockets and waistband, and hip embroidery. The material is so lightweight and breathable. These details add a luxurious touch for me, and I have no doubt the tan and white breeches from this brand show up regularly in the show ring.

front breechesThey fit true-to-size, and the waist is a little higher than the waist on low rise Trophy Hunters, which means my shirt stays tucked in. This may be my first pair of Lo-Ride breeches, but it will not be my last! After I’ve worn them a few more rides and put them through a few more washes, I hope to get better pictures and give a more detailed review.

Back to regular old blog posts about lessons and rides on Eli and Conrad being cute next week!


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    1. I was looking for an alternative to Trophy Hunters when I bought these. They are similarly priced, but these edge out Trophy Hunters in every aspect for me.


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