Weenie Wednesday: Gooby Harness Review

mydogissostinkingcuteFitting a harness to your dog is no easy task. Finding a good one, at a good price, that fits … well, I did LOTS of googling.

One of the harnesses I found was the Gooby Choke Free Comfort X Soft Dog Harness that I picked up on Amazon for $20. The large fits Conrad, and it comes in some cute colors.

I’m not a fan of the polyester mesh and nylon straps construction that is similar to the ubiquitous Puppia harnesses, but most harnesses seem to be made of the stuff. The polyester mesh is soft and slightly padded, so I guess it’s comfortable?

xshapeThe feature I do like about this harness is the x-shape that follows the contours of my dog’s shoulders and chest. It’s pretty obviously designed to avoid restricting the dog’s airway, and I think the design succeeds in this.

funnybrandingThe branding is slightly adorable. I just hope no one thinks Conrad’s name is “Gooby,” but perhaps that would not be so bad? Who am I kidding. Conrad would take offense. The harness is somewhat adjustable, but I worry the plastic buckle-snap thingy might irritate Conrad’s right elbow while we are walking.

contouredThus far, it hasn’t bothered him. The hardware on the harness is a nice weight with a gunmetal/hematite-like finish and it is easy to hook up a leash.

goobyharnessFor $20 the harness is about what you’d expect, my favorite feature being the x-shape that prevents choking. That is a good design. I don’t reach for this harness every day, but as Conrad’s other harnesses wear out, this one will do in a pinch until I find something that I like better.

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  1. Interesting – I hadn’t seen that one. We really like the Ruffwear harness. We switched to it after our basic nylon strap harness started rubbing Arya on long hikes. The Ruffwear has a lot more material but breathes just fine and is sturdy and well-designed.

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      1. Yes, I loved the blue too though chickened out when I bought Arya’s and went with gray. I’m really so pleased with it. It’s secure, doesn’t restrict the airway, doesn’t rub, and though I was worried it would overheat her (especially on long mountain hikes) it breathes amazingly well.

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  2. Harnesses are surprisingly difficult to find! I love yours. I have the KONG® Reflective Dog Harness, which I like because it displaces the point of contact over a larger area (ranther than just a thing strap.

    Glad to know I’m not the only dog owner who is obsessive about my dog’s “tack” haha

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