The Rider Adapts: J. Crew Abingdon Weekender Review

Welcome to the first installment of my new review series, The Rider Adapts. You’ll find reviews of products and services meant for everyone, but favored by equestrians nonetheless.

Here, I review the J. Crew Abingdon Weekender. It’s no secret that equestrians love J. Crew — their tops and tees show up in riding outfits on Instagram regularly, just to give one example. Frequent sales lure me back time and again, and the quality never fails to impress me. I still have a pair of Mary Janes from J. Crew that were bought for me when I was 14. And I still wear them. (Can’t say the same about J. Crew Factory–knew those prices were too good to be true).

As is common for many adult amateur riders, I head straight for the barn after work. That means my barn stuff comes with me to work. Nice as the facility where I ride is, a climate-controlled tack room is not available. My helmet, my tall boots, and my riding clothes all live under my desk at work during the day. I carried three bags of riding stuff, in addition to my purse, lunch, and coffee. A butler is out of the question financially right now, so ….

ruggedI started bag shopping. Regular old gym bags left me feeling underwhelmed and filled with a sense of existential ennui. I wanted something more substantial, something to use not only for riding equipment but that can double as a carry-on in a pinch. I sought out utilitarian, well-crafted luggage that wouldn’t damage my wallet too significantly and wouldn’t look the worse for wear with a little barn time. I believe I found the best candidate when browsing men’s accessories on the J. Crew website: the Abingdon Weekender.

The dimensions were ample, so I guessed everything would fit. So does everything fit?

willitallfitThat’s a lot of stuff to stuff. I threw my riding outfit in and flexed my spatial relations muscle.

itfitsIt fits! That’s Sperrys, riding clothes, tall boots in their boot bag, and helmet in its helmet bag, all fitting together in one bag. It’s heavy to carry, but going to and from my car at work is a little less of a juggling freak show with everything in one bag.

On to the quality–will this bag hold up to the abuse I put it through?

takesabeatingI think it will! The hardware, stitching, and materials are all well-crafted and rugged, as copy editors like to say in descriptions of men’s accessories. Plus, if this color can’t hide a little dirt, nothing can. I have taken it to the barn regularly for about two weeks now, and the bag still looks like it did when I first took it from its packaging.

detailAs you can see, the hardware and leather details are not dainty. This weekender will hold up over time. The zipper is robust, and the stitching looks secure.

handlesThe leather handles and leather reinforced nylon shoulder strap all seem very sturdy–the leather is soft, pliable, but high-quality and I suspect will take on a lovely patina after a time.

The J. Crew Abingdon Weekender retails at $198, and I purchased it at 30% off with a promo code from the J. Crew website. A very reasonable price for a quality product that will see daily use!

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  1. This is a great idea! I am a fellow bag woman myself, bringing my purse and lunch box and riding clothes and coffee on days I ride after work. Nice to know that your tall boots fit inside!

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