Looking Back and Looking Ahead

So August last year is around the time I started this little blog, mostly to record the balderdash & chicanery of Eli, because tracking his and our transformation is pretty useful to me. When I first started riding him, I sensed a pretty nice horse under all the chaos that was his armor. I’m glad I stuck it out with him because he’s turning out to be way cooler than I even thought.

As a way of marking that progress as well as acknowledging that I have actually kept up this blog, next week we can celebrate: five reviews in five days! A bag, a bit, boots, and breeches, with a dog harness thrown in for Wednesday’s Conrad-centered post. Because let’s be honest, Weenie Wednesday FOREVER.

But first, an informal poll/Q&A/comment fest. But only if you want to. What do you like about this blog? What don’t you like? What do you want to see more? How can I improve? I am open to any and all feedback but I reserve the right to take the advice I like and ignore the advice I don’t like. I’m considering adding a contact page and a page that lists all reviews in one place, and I might change up the “theme,” but other than that my mind is a blank canvas. (I was going to change my Instagram handle to baywithchrome for a little continuity, but a Canadian beat me to it–a Canadian with great fashion sense and a cute IG account.) Leave a comment, or, if you prefer, submit via this form:

Thanks for reading!

****If you want to comment publicly, use the “leave a reply” box at the bottom. If you want to comment privately, use the above form to email me directly.***

11 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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  1. I actually really love your blog! I love reading about your adventures with Eli (because bay OTTBs with right-sided chrome forever and ever), and I guess my only suggestion would be to write more often, if possible? Yours is one of my top 5 must reads, and I really enjoy following your progress in the jumper ring, since that’s where I want to be too! I also like your reviews and the fact that you live in Austin! It’s a good way for me to keep tabs on the ATX since I lived there for 3 years. And obviously, Conrad is adorable.

    But as far as suggestions for your blog, keep on keepin’ on! I won’t stop reading anytime soon πŸ™‚

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    1. Jenn, thank you so much! Totally agree with you that I need to write more, but sometimes life happens πŸ˜‰ Bay OTTBs infinity no backs period! (Do children even still say that? Lol)



    And I love the rest of your blog, too. It’s at the top of my “to read” list daily. I like your writing style and the range of topics you cover: lesson recaps, reviews, WEENIES, show recaps, and other horse things.

    I’d love to see your review of the PS 3-Point breast plate, I think you said you were going to do one? Or maybe I missed it?

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  3. we must have started blogging at right about the same time! can’t remember when i found your blog, but i liked it immediately. i tend to be a lesson/show recap junkie (esp with videos!) but i also like your product reviews a lot too. and obvi anything Eli is pretty great haha

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    1. I think you started just before me! I love how you keep track of everything so well on your blog. I am STILL trying to figure out the panorama setting on my phone, lol


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