New Helmet, Tuesday’s Lesson, Tall Boots …

newhelmetFirst thing’s first. I got a new helmet. I did not get the one I thought I would. That’s just how shit works out sometimes, ain’t it?

I went to the local Dover Saddlery and tried on Samshields, GPA Speed Airs, and as luck would have it, a First Lady in my size on hold for someone. The person helping me was so helpful and has a First Lady herself, so I got endorsement number three on this helmet. Sadly, the Samshields in a handful of different sizes simply did not fit the shape of my head. No matter the liner size or shell size, the helmet pinched at my temples, and as someone who gets migraines, I can’t live with that kind of pressure on my temples. But shimmer top, I love you so! Ah, well. I put the Speed Air on and was like, hey, I kinda like that. My mom (who came with me) liked it too. And then I tried on the First Lady that luckily did just happen to be there that day in my size, and I couldn’t ignore the fit. It was perfect. Also, I do like the look of them. Plus sun protection.

I didn’t order one right away, but I knew it was the helmet I wanted. And then I found one priced at well under retail on ebay. Bam. Takes care of that.

gpaI did also manage to get a lesson in on Tuesday with my trainer, and I am so glad I did, because it was one of the best lessons I’ve had in a while. Eli was all business. We worked through a tight one to a tight three, to a single Swedish. Nothing like a 3’3″ Swedish to inspire you to keep your shoulders back.

But also on Tuesday, the zipper on my right tall boot failed. So off to repair it went, and I’m left with no tall boots. My paddock boots died (after about 12 years) and I haven’t replaced them yet. I thought I could squeeze into my Vogels, so Wednesday I just rode Eli around bareback, thinking that for Thursday I’ll wear my Vogels and do some flatwork mainly at the canter.


idkwhatsoverthereThursday came around and I dragged my Vogels out to the barn. And I could not get my foot through the ankle because my feet are that screwed up now and the ankles on those boots are that narrow. So here I am, in boat shoes, but still needing to ride. So off with my stirrups.

hamRiding Eli without stirrups is not easy. I only did a couple laps at each gait. The canter was actually pretty good, but trying to post without stirrups on a horse with pretty significant suspension whilst wearing only socks and boat shoes, also a horse that still doesn’t like to be sat on much, … yes, it is hard.

betweentheearsWhich leads me to this … I need a second pair of tall boots.

browntallbootsMaybe a brown pair?

winetallbootsOR THESE. YES THESE.

Ugh, okay, probably not likely. Custom DeNiros are much more affordable than a lot of the other custom options, but realistically still out of my price range for a schooling pair of tall boots. Ariat Challenge Contour Square Toed boots in brown, I’m looking at you. Maybe. I will have a lesson again Saturday, and theoretically I will have my DeNiros back by then, so I’m not in a rush to get a second pair.

So there you have it, kind of like three blog posts in one on a Friday!

22 thoughts on “New Helmet, Tuesday’s Lesson, Tall Boots …

  1. Looking sharp in that helmet!
    The field boot struggle is real! I settled on a pair for schooling that is just hideous and to short. But it saves my good ones for shows. So win?!

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  2. I used to think the First Ladies looked kinda funky, but they’ve really grown on me. If I were in the market I would totally consider one. And I am all aboard the brown boot train. Love how those look. I’m wary of the Ariats just because the last pair I had did not hold up well at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good to know about the Ariats! They’ve never quite fit my feet right, so i’ve never bought a pair, and I’m leaning more and more toward the Mountain Horse ones.


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