Fair warning: this post is all over the place. Welcome to the detritus of my brain.

pesteringFirst, I have added some tack & breeches to my sales page.

Second, I would like to participate in the Hand Gallop blog hop, but I don’t really have an “every day” tack set up. I have LOVED reading about everyone else’s, though, especially the eventers with ALL THE TACK. Eli wears different stuff all the time, so it’d be hard to chronicle. Lately, with the weather, I’ve just been hacking him in the field in his hunter bridle:


I find it interesting, though, that since I have owned the PS of Sweden High Jump, I haven’t used his figure 8 at all. So it’s for sale.

And another thing: I *think* I may have settled on a helmet, & found that helmet for a good deal online, and I cannot wait for it to get to me! Helmet reveal and review forthcoming … I tried on different helmets over the weekend and there was a clear frontrunner that I didn’t expect. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have a guess.

Oh, this rain. There is NOTHING that pains me more than sitting inside at work all day when it is sunny and the arenas are freshly worked, only to be dowsed in a downpour at rush hour. Really, Texas weather? REALLY? I had so many game plans about flat work days and hacking days and jumping days and days off for Eli this summer, but we’re basically still in “ride when you can” mode.

I am getting closer to mentally accepting the fact that at some point sooner rather than later, my dog will need a teeth cleaning. But he is so tiny and the anesthesia worries me. But dachshunds have really bad teeth. And cleaned teeth is better than pulled teeth. Mentally, accepting; emotionally, resisting.

Last, not all spiders are bad. Eli has a garden orb weaver/agriope just outside his stall window. Dear Charlotte (I named the spider Charlotte, of course), please catch all the flies and mosquitos. Love, Person Who Won’t Smush You If You Do Your Job.

I’ll end on the silliest most boring video of all time–Eli eating hay. I find it to be THE cutest.

finishingdinner.mp4 from rennikka on Vimeo.

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  1. We had our fat dog’s teeth cleaned (and he had a few pulled) last year- he’s much larger than Conrad (~30 lbs), but he’s old and he came through just fine! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can’t wait to see the helmet!

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  2. I’m not sure how you feel about feeding raw… But I’ve heard good things about feeding raw turkey (or more likely because of his size chicken) necks to keep teeth clean. But do the research before deciding this route.

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