A Few of My Favorite Things, Summer 2015

First, I would like you all to know that I am catching up on a lot of blog reading–wrapping up a very busy time at work and trying to get my head on straight for a horse show takes a ton of energy! But reading I am, and please forgive any tardy comments.

On to the fun stuff– a few of my favorite things for this summer. Not necessarily new things or cool things, just things I like to have or want to have for the summer months.

Breeches! Yes, I splurged on something:

tscontrastThe Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters with tan knee patches were calling my name. And so I answered. I decided to show in these breeches, so you will see them in action in my show recap tomorrow!

Next, I’m not a fan of sun or sunscreen, so Icefil shirts are a godsend to me.

eiscoolshirtMy two favorite brands of this type of shirt are Kastel Denmark and Equi In Style–both have new colors out for the season and I couldn’t resist. Plus, I’m preventing skin cancer, so I definitely consider the expense well worth it.

Next, although I hate sunscreen, I don’t happen to have a ski mask made of Icefil, so I need sunscreen for my face.

kiehlsI have tried a ton of different brands of sunscreen for the face, and this one beats them all. The Kiehl’s Super Fluid sunscreen is the lightest I’ve tried, and it blends quickly into my skin without leaving a streaky white film behind like so many others do. Again, prevention is worth the expense.

Last, bonnets for the horse make my list of Summer 2015 must-haves. No one wants flies and mosquitoes buzzing around ears, and this year’s mosquito crop looks to be quite severe in Texas. Ugh. But also, cuteness of the bonnets!

usgbonnetI picked up a USG bonnet from KLSelect.com. The color just spoke to me. Plus I wanted a lighter color than black for schooling in the summer. I’ll be giving a full review of this bonnet next week.

Any summer must-haves that make your own lists?

Tomorrow, look for my horse show post of the second-ever outing for me and Eli. It was definitely a valuable learning experience and I wanted to give myself a few days to get my thoughts organized. But I can tell you, one of the highlights for me was getting to see Lauren and Simon showing in person! And Lauren took some GORGEOUS pictures, too.

45 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things, Summer 2015

  1. Those breeches. I have such breech envy! I’m totally coveting a pair of the hunter green with the tan knee patches. And I NEED one of those IceFil shirts and bonnets!
    Can’t wait to hear about your show!

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  2. Love Kastel shirts!
    Have you tried Shiseido face sunscreen? Just wondering how it compared to what you picked if you had. That’s what I’ve been using the last few years. It doesn’t run down my face when I sweat or make me hotter but it does have a bit of a white film if you don’t rub it in a lot.

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    • I have tried the Shiseido and did find it to be a bit streaky, although otherwise and excellent sunscreen. I have also used Image Skincare Prevention sunscreen, which I liked a lot and it doesn’t smell like sunscreen, but it too is streaky. The Kiehl’s truly blends right in easily. I haven’t noticed yet whether it sweats off, but this summer will be the true test.


  3. Love the breeches and I am obsessed with Kastel… Need to resist the urge to buy anymore shirts.

    I’ll have to try that sunscreen. I’m awful about it and rarely use any on my face. Previously I always found it ran into my face and I would end up running a contact out… Maybe I just need to branch out Into nicer sunscreen.

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  4. So great to see you and Eli go, and I’m glad the timing worked out so I could snap some photos šŸ™‚ Sun shirts are life. I didn’t wear one on Saturday and burned my arms for the first time this year.

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