packingShow prep: If only it were more like tailgating, with lounging and beer, and less like what it’s like. What is it even like? Hurry up and wait, endless list-making and checking and losing and forgetting and then remembering. Also trying to ride not like an idiot …

Well, Eli at least is ready. Honestly, I’m ready, too, and even a miss at a jump here and there doesn’t bother me too much mainly because it doesn’t seem to bother Eli too much. I had a great schooling over fences session with my trainer on Thursday. Rode to one fence pretty badly, but for the rest of it Eli felt fantastic! She told me to practice a rollback turn a couple times on Friday/today and get Eli clipped and wrapped. Eli rolled back just fine and enjoyed his bath, especially having his mane scrubbed. Which I now realize I forgot to shorten it up. OOPS.

showprepI’ll be meeting up with everyone at the show at 6:30 am to school a little bit, and then wait basically all day for the jumper classes to start.

grazingMy trainer is fully on board with my show outfit–I will be taking slight advantage of the jumper attire rules that went into effect this competition year–standard jumper attire is now breeches of any color (the local circuit organization follows USHJA rules for the most part). Hehehe. Don’t worry, I’m still going with a conservative color for my breeches, provided they are actually delivered today!

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