I have one week of time for preparation for the first show of the season for us. Under less rainy circumstances, I would have had plenty of time. But the rain. Oh so much of it. Record rains all month. Eli and I are now both out of shape, squishy, and mentally frazzled.

I did get to ride Eli on Thursday night, mostly at the walk with some trotting on a lopsided 20-ish meter circle. Or 20 meter-ish egg shape. The inconsistent footing and blown-over jumps dictated our path more than anything. Overnight going into Friday Texas got more storms. Add the Dallas area to the list of major metropolitan areas under water in Texas. Friday I decided to give Eli a little beauty session, and grazed him, and hand walked him, and swatted mosquitoes off of him. The forecast had rain in it over the weekend, but the barn dodged that bullet and I got to ride Saturday AND Sunday. I can’t say Eli was fabulous, but he wasn’t a total disaster, either. Saturday I threw him on the longe for a little while and he had some bucks I hope I never have to try to sit. He also slipped and lost his footing a little, but thankfully did not fall all the way over, and thankfully came out of it with just one small, superficial scrape at the front of his right rear fetlock. I rode him lightly in the fields, and really, he wasn’t too bad. Sunday I also rode him in the fields, but I could tell the rain and all the time off basically caught up to us. He was trying to be good, but his transitions were sticky and when I started drilling him a little bit about it he got pretty frustrated and so did I. We got everything smoothed out by the end, though. I have committed to the show on Saturday, but I have no idea what classes we’ll be doing, or how many. My hope is lots of turn out all week and today off from riding will get his mind right. I plan to school with my trainer on Thursday, so maybe by then I’ll be able to better gauge what to enter. But what else can you do but ride the horse you have?

What else has been going on? I have some proposed blog posts I would like to do in June, but there’s no guarantee I can actually write any of them if the weather goes all Seattle-esque again: A brief review of how the PS of Sweden High Jump has worked out for Eli; A review of the USG fly veil; a horse show re-cap (I have hope!); and a list of Summer 2015 must-have riding essentials from my closet and make-up bag.

I’m also toying with the idea of composing a post about what duty, if any, do seasoned adult amateur riders have to less experienced riders, both adult and junior, to helping them through riding problems, teaching them skills, being a role model, or keeping them in line when it comes to horse welfare. Of course professionals shoulder the brunt of that burden, but I clearly recall one adult amateur who helped me more than once when I was a junior, and I use what she taught me to this day.

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  1. I’d love to read a review of the USG fly veil! I just saw that on SmartPak and really liked the look of it- I want to get Addy a bonnet so we can look super coordinated and legit in the jumpers haha. And I would also love to hear your thoughts on the role of more experienced ammies. I’ve certainly learned a TON from many people who weren’t considered professionals, but had amazing amounts of knowledge stuffed into their brains.
    Can’t wait to hear all about the show! Sending dry sunny thoughts your way.

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    1. Thank you!!! If you check out, they have a huge selection of the USG bonnets in all kinds of colors! That’s where I picked one up and it is, uh…., bright …lol


    1. I can be really delicate depending on your relationship with the professionals at your barn, barn culture, and how well the kiddos are brought along.


  2. my fingers are crossed so hard for you that the show works out and you all have a fabulous time!! also – love your proposed blog post ideas! can’t wait to read them 🙂

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  3. Also, I would love to discuss what duty more experienced amateurs have to less experienced ones in terms of mentorship and help. I think it is a topic fraught with danger at times, but I do think there is an obligation there. I think about it a lot because I have a big mouth and want to help people/correct them.

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