Everything’s Gone Green

mouthfulWhile the rest of this town recovers from the deluge over the weekend and quietly reflects upon the human toll of armed conflict, I’m at work. I was at work last night, too, until 11pm. And at work late Friday night as well, so I didn’t get to walk Eli around under saddle like I had hoped. What is “sleep”?

You may have seen the flooding in Texas over the weekend. Saturday night in to Sunday morning was meterologically very eventful. Tornado warnings, high rates of rainfall, and floodgates on dams opening that haven’t opened in YEARS. Needless to say, I didn’t ride. Just lots of grazing and handwalking. I am hoping I can hop on tomorrow and walk around in the fields at least.

onawalkEli hasn’t even been too stir crazy about any of it.

selfiesaturdayI’m not sure what kind of condition he’ll be in for the show the first Saturday in June, if it even happens. The forecast doesn’t look good.

In slightly less boring news, back in April I pre-ordered a PS of Sweden High Jump. It came in and I tried it on Eli not once but twice, fussing with the fit a lot.

highjumpHopefully I’ll be able to try it out under saddle soon! Also, check out my for sale page–there is a browband on there that any of you dressage-y readers might like. I can’t even remember how I wound up with it, but it is definitely too big for Eli.

8 thoughts on “Everything’s Gone Green

    • Been lucky so far with avoiding most of the flooding … and yeeeaaaahhhh, I’m thinking while those might be gorgeous colors on her, 17″ is basically O/S.


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