From Office to Barn Aisle to Happy Hour

The necessity of crossover fashion cannot be overstated for the working amateur owner rider. A number of equestrian brands are capitalizing on this (finally!) and making clothing that works for riding AND for wearing to work or going out on the town. Rather than exhaust your patience with a list of brands and links and blah, I present to you some outfits from my actual closet with pieces from my riding wardrobe, or close approximations, that I can wear to work or wear while going out for happy hour or brunch. (The outfits presented here might have variations in color and style that aren’t exact pieces from my closet because I can’t find what I have exactly to clip to Polyvore.) At the end of this post, you’ll find a storyboard of pieces that I don’t have, but want, and some of which would look just as fabulous in the library stacks as in the tack.

workwearI totally and completely wore this outfit to work earlier this week, except the bag and belt I have are in a pale gold instead of silver, but I can’t resist a good silver & bordeaux combination. And my rainbow socks are a little different. Overall, this outfit was a major time saver as I didn’t have to pack a bag of barn clothes.

workwearplannedThis outfit storyboard takes a little more leeway with what is actually in my closet. The sweater I just got, the breeches are on the way, and the rest are variations … but overall a very cute work to barn outfit! Or maybe even leave work early and head to the showgrounds.

workwearwishlistLast, a summer wish list of pieces my closet NEEDS. Admittedly, Valentino rockstud anything will probably never actually end up in my closet, but that won’t stop me from finding knockoffs at a tenth of the price. And that skirt! Can you? I would like it to materialize before me right now.

To update you on Eli — well, I did manage to get one ride in this week around all the rain, and he was way, way, way better–as in, more focused and not as wild–than I thought he would be. Also, I FINALLY got my PS of Sweden bridle in yesterday (which was actually the exact day customer service notified me it would arrive), so I’ll be trying it on him today and hoping it’s a good fit. I wistfully threw some breeches into a bag just in case there is a break in the rain this evening and we can go on a soggy walk around the property.

And if anybody has any equestrian pieces you’d like me to create a work-wear outfit around, hit me up!

11 thoughts on “From Office to Barn Aisle to Happy Hour

  1. Fun post! I like that you had on the bright and cheery rainbow socks with the more classic burgundy! Where did you get that sweater? It’s super cute. Also, do you actually go to happy hour straight after being at the barn. #DirtyFingernails I get too horse dander-y and sweaty when I ride.

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    • You definitely don’t need heels! Depending on how the bottoms of your breeches look — best to keep the velcro covered — you could do low ankle booties, ballet flats with some kind of embellishment, or flat knee high boots! I am now inspired to put together a new breeches/work outfit storyboard …


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