Weenie Wednesday: Shopping for Weenies

So, like, shopping for wussies? No! Shopping for dachshunds!

boneDachshunds are built quite differently than many other dog breeds, so regular old doggie clothing doesn’t quite fit right.

lickSo where to find clothes for dachshunds? There are a few places I like to browse, although I haven’t purchased anything yet, so I can’t speak to customer service, only selection.

Sausage Dog Central

This is an Australian-based website, and offers dachshund goodies for dog and human. I especially like these shoes for myself:

shoes-470x470And for Conrad, what could suit him more than a bow tie?

HOU1003-0776-470x470Speaking of bow ties …

Chloe’s Collars

This Etsy store has a selection of doggy bow ties that blows my mind. Conrad might try to eat a bow tie off of himself, but that probably won’t stop me from getting him this:

blueargyleNow, for a gentlemanly coat suited to Conrad’s bow tie personality and cognac inclinations, custom fit is the way to go.

weenNot only suited to dachshunds, Friday Fox from across the pond offers specialty dog clothing for many different breeds. How can I not???

TweedDasch1So there you have it. I don’t spend all of my time looking at tack online, see?

13 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Shopping for Weenies

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  1. I love buying my dad (who my weenie stayed with when I moved out) all things weenie on Etsy. He has to be the most weenie decked out man ever. Quite the title, right ;)?

    When I saw your post I got all excited thinking you were shopping for another weenie. Like puppies. And I couldn’t wait to see the cuteness. Oh well 😦

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