Rain Delays

Last week, in spite of off-and-on stormy weather, I managed to ride Eli on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The body work has definitely made a difference in his manner of going, and a week of light work right after a chiropractic appointment is not a bad thing.

But it is still raining and storming even more–enough to make even the fields too sloppy. Soooooooo Eli is getting hand-walked and hand-grazed this week. And that might be all we get to do. We have three weeks before our first show of the year, so still plenty of time to get prepared. I haven’t decided which jumper division to enter yet. My hope is to do the 3′-3’3″, but if the weather keeps turning the arenas into lakes, I’ll be doing the 2’6″-2’9″ division out of an abundance of not getting to ride much. And at this rate, I will not be surprised if the show gets postponed or canceled because of rain. Between my job and the weather, Eli and I haven’t shown since last June.

Eli and I are getting SO BORED. Harrumph.

bored but cute
bored around the barn
bored with shavings in the mane
bored but on alert
no longer on alert
back to alert status, but less concerned
how not to stay in shape


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  1. I know rain is good and all, especially for places in droughts, but come on, where was it this winter? Why is it showing up in May?? I’ve been rained out since Wednesday, too. More rain tomorrow.

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