Keeping an Open Mind

I’ve never been to a chiropractor, and every CWD I’ve sat in has been uncomfortable.

But now, my horse HAS seen a chiropractor, and there may be a model of CWD that IS comfortable for me.

I thought about writing extensively about Eli’s bodywork. I thought about going into painstaking detail about a CWD representative visiting my barn. Instead, I’ll leave you with this thought: don’t be afraid of change. You’ll miss out on a lot of bad ass things if you are. Changing your mind can be especially rewarding.

There’s your fortune cookie for the day. No, I did not buy a CWD this week. Yet. And I can now recommend an equine chiropractor in the central Texas area …


24 thoughts on “Keeping an Open Mind

  1. This was an amazing/hilarious post. I lust after a CWD but I have also so far found them just a touch uncomfortable. But I still want one. Just one that is comfy. And that fits. And is preferrably free.

    However, I too have never been to a chiropraactor and yet consult one for my horse constantly. Whatever, I’m a living conundrum.

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      • Okay I’m really weird… I find the narrow twist strange!!! I think it’s from a lifetime of riding in lesson saddles which tend to have a wider twist. However, I am sure I could get used to it in no time.

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        • It really does depend so much on how you’re built, though, whether a saddle fits you right or not. I got out of lesson saddles as fast as I could! Lol


  2. The CWD’s can all ride so very different. I hated a 17″ SE01 with a forward flap that I tried. But I loooove my 17.5″ SE02 with an extra forward flap. You wouldn’t think that such little tweaks would make such a huge difference but for me it did. Completely different ride with just a few little adjustments. More importantly, my horses have all loved the CWD. That said, I bought mine used and never had to go through the whole custom order thing. Probably never will. Unless someone wants to pony up the money for me to get a monoflap?

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    • I can imagine that with different configurations they would all ride slightly different & I just never sat in a good configuration for me. The narrow twist is a necessity for me.


    • I think it really depends on your horse and what signs he/she is showing, if any. Eli is the first horse I have tried chiro with. He hasn’t been off or under-performing, but coming back into work after a wet winter, I noticed he was struggling with bending left. The chiropractor found quite a bit of tension where his neck ties into his shoulder, as well as some ribs out and his hips not being quite level. After he worked on Eli, Eli definitely had an easier time with bending left and his canter felt a bit more fluid. I don’t think of chiro as a replacement for veterinarian addressing soundness issues, but more of a complement. Eli has benefitted from it, but whether or not your horse would might be a question for your vet or trainer to better answer. Sorry that was not a short yes or no! 🙂


    • Whenever I feel out of whack, I don’t bother with a chiro and just get a tiny minion niece/nephew to walk on my back. Free & convenient. But then, I don’t really have back problems the way some people do. Eli will be seeing chiro on the regular now, tho


  3. i always kinda get a kick out of people’s weird looks when i tell them about my horse’s chiro and farrier appts etc, while meanwhile i’ve got a perpetually stiff neck and decidedly non-manicured nails haha…. the things we do for ponies. great point tho all the same – it’s too easy to get stuck in our own perceptions without ever revisiting them

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