tackquisitionsDid I invent a word? Maybe? I finally got my hands on a new cover for my Ogilvy half pad and an Ogilvy baby pad. Hat tips to Amanda for taking care of it for me and to Luxe Eq for quality customer service! I now only want Ogilvy baby pads, as all other baby pads are inferior.

I also got a PS of Sweden 3-point bridge breastplate (as a gift! thanks, brothers John & Andy, but mostly brother John). In black because the brown was out of stock and I have grabby hands AND I have a hypothesis about breastplates that snap to saddle dees. I won’t go into the hypothesis now, and it may only affect Eli because of how his neck sets into his shoulder, but I hope to develop it more and discuss at a later date. I love this breastplate so far. The brown ones are supposed to be back in stock in August, in case anyone was wondering …

Jeez Eli, could your face be any sadder? He’s clearly trying out for a part in a French independent film about ennui, tech fatigue, and the meaning of life. And I ran out of carrots.

For whatever reason, the running attachment on this breastplate is much, much longer than the one that came with the 5-point, which makes it useable. It is still an inch or so short for my personal taste, but I have a running that does fit Eli exactly as I want it to that I can use. I’ll have to see how it goes over the next few weeks. Also, the snap-on martingale rings, genius as they are, are best used with PS of Sweden rein stops. Which I should have soon.

barnThere were two shows in the Austin area scheduled for April 25. Both got rained out. Everything is verdant and fecund and all, but this is getting ridiculous! Plenty of grass for Eli to munch, at least. I’ve been riding him in the fields mostly, because of the rain making the arenas a bit sloppy, and when the arenas are useable, there are typically lessons going that I don’t want to be around. Eli enjoys the fields, and felt pretty much fantastic on Sunday. In the back of my mind, I’m still nagged by a sense of him not being quite as comfortable as he could be going to the left, but he shows no sign of lameness. He is definitely not reluctant to go forward. His head-flipping days seem to be behind him. He picks up both leads with ease. But he still likes to half-heartedly toss his head and hop a bit in the left lead canter, always as we are turning from going east to going north. I have no clue what this means, other than fresh ottb is fresh, and ammie rider is now anticipating it and doing stupid things with leg, seat, & hand. I am very interested to see what the body work guy finds, and what the saddle fitter has to say. To the best of my knowledge, Eli has not had either, definitely not in the past four years. Storms came through last night, so I doubt I’ll be riding tonight, but maybe Tuesday night will work out.


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  1. he looks fab in his new gear!! glad he’s a good boy out in the field too – my mare likes to lose her marbles in wide open spaces, but only at home – other farms’ wide open spaces are fine, go figure

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