Eating Habits: a Confessional

wpid-20150422_194609-1.jpgI’m in okay shape. I eat fairly healthy, decent food most of the time, and I don’t deny myself anything. But every odd-numbered year, in January through May, my job sucks. I can’t take vacation, I work late, my work load doubles to triples, and I end up eating dinner at 10 or 11 o’clock at night. Consequently, I end up eating really weird things.

Like a plate of sodium …

wpid-20150420_224128.jpgKalamata olives, marinated mushrooms, pepperoncini, aged cheese, cured meats, pickles … nothing overtly unhealthy, but taken together my typically low blood-pressure might tick up a notch.

Or I eat things that make sleeping unlikely, or less likely, or riddled with bizarre dreams …

wpid-20150423_220446.jpgMore kalamata olives, taquitos, and Whataburger’s jalapẽno ranch (which amazingly has no msg so I can eat as much as I want!).

So clearly I have some stress-eating issues. No, I don’t eat more than normal, but I eat a lot worse than normal. I also eat a lot of potato chips, tortilla chips, nuts … anything salty and crunchy.

I cannot wait for June! The suits go home and I get to take vacation! And eat normally again!

What is it about stress that changes a person’s eating habits???!!!

20 thoughts on “Eating Habits: a Confessional

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    1. Totally agree with this & it’s usually my policy. Except during the legislative session, which always sends me into mild panic for 5 months and everything goes out the window. Bah!


  1. lol cheese olives and crackers is an incredibly common dinner for me, stress or no. it’s the food of the gods! good luck with the stress and schedule nonsense tho – hopefully it calms down soon!

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  2. Sodium is the best… 🙂 I eat like a pig when I’m stressed out…. and I think the stress burns off a lot of the extra calories, which is a bonus! (although I don’t feel so great)

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