Stormy Weather

earsThunderstorms in the forecast Thursday through Saturday this week, but dodged them yesterday. Eli has been interesting to ride all week …. He got one very light work out during the span of Friday through Monday, so Tuesday he felt quite high. He actually tried to stay focused for most of the ride, but once we cantered to the right it all kind of disintegrated. Eh, tomorrow is another day. He once again showed great focus on Wednesday, and needed to, as both arenas were full of lessons, and the grass in the fields was a little too long for me to feel comfortable riding up there (snakes). We managed to get some work done before a trainer I don’t ride with decided her student needed to longe the horse he was on. Eli doesn’t handle wild horses on longe lines very well, so we finished up in the farthest corner away from the longeing horse and he did magnificently. I walked him around a bit, an he did give off one spook/leap/racehorse move, but nothing I’m not used to. bonnetblingThursday we were rewarded with solitude! Had the whole barn and arenas to ourselves and while storms encircled us, we stayed dry. Eli felt great. But once again, I am going to change up out the set up. New bridle coming at the end of April, new 3 point bridge breastplate on the way, and I am 99% sure I’m going to order a Thinline product. Eli will have body work at the beginning of May (hopefully if he’s okay with the chiro guy), and I’m considering a saddle fitter visit also in May, as I  think his topline is almost back in form and my saddle could do with some reflocking. rootdWe had a great sunset ride regardless. Eli has shown more mental maturity this spring than he has in the past, and for that I pat myself on the back. We feel like a team now, and our personalities mesh so well. As in, we are both grumpy, arrogant, bossy, and fussy. Ha! myhorseisprettyIf the rain holds off, we’ll have a lesson again Saturday. thunderearsTGIF!

18 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Holy shit your outfit. And your photogenic horse. I love the contrast of your plum/pink with the teal pad. I love everything about Eli’s look of eagles.

    And it looks like your nice, quiet ride in the arena was also during BEAUTIFUL weather, am I wrong? Light was gorgeous there!

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