If the Bonnet Fits: Review

bonnetmodelI have a bonnet problem. Fortunately, I also have a bonnet solution. If you are thinking about a bonnet for your horse, but balk at the price tag of many custom bonnets, I have an affordable, quality, sparkly answer for you — If the Bonnet Fits.cordandrhinestonesEli is not a very good bonnet model, as he doesn’t get “posing” or standing still for that long. So the pictures don’t really do this bonnet justice.

I wanted another bonnet for Eli (of course), but I also didn’t want to spend $125, which is about what a custom bonnet can amount to from a handful of different vendors. Not all custom bonnets are this expensive, but I wanted something well made that actually fit Eli. I started browsing bonnets on Facebook and Instagram and kept coming back to If the Bonnet Fits (also on Pinterest). I couldn’t believe the base price, especially after looking through the photo album of many, many bonnets. They all looked very nicely made, and had cording and trim and crystals and rhinestones, so surely the ones pictured are well over the base price.

Turns out, they aren’t. The base price actually includes a few embellishments and adjustments, such as for ear size. All of the pricing information is available via the Facebook page, and you can order via a Facebook message or email. The bonnet I ordered, with custom-sized ears, a row of cording, two rows of rhinestones, and scallops worked out to $40. The price varies for each bonnet, and the bonnet is made for you BEFORE you pay for it. Once the bonnet is made, you get pictures of it and get to give the okay before paying, and shipping is a little extra. That is a rare customer service perk–most other vendors require payment in advance. The current turnaround time is about 4 to 6 weeks.

modelheisnotI tried the bonnet on Eli after I received it, and I am very happy with the fit. A great feature of this bonnet is the extra material behind the ears–plenty of material so that it won’t sneak forward of the crownpiece of a bridle. With the amount of material, I don’t think a throatlatch cord is necessary, although you can get one if you prefer it.

bonnetprofileI am also happy with the detail and craftsmanship that went into this bonnet. When I showed the bonnet to my mom, who crochets and knits, I asked her if she could do something like this and she just laughed. Funny, mom. Funny.

bonnetdetailAll of the yarn, trim, cord, and embellishment options are in a photo album on Facebook, so you can see what is available.

Eli wore the bonnet during our lesson on Saturday. A mild cold front had come through, and though it was 85F on Friday, Saturday it was about 60F and windy. With this bonnet, the wind didn’t bother him at all. I just have regular material for the ears of the bonnet, but I think soundproof ears are an option.

sometimeshedoesnotbiteWhile I am extremely happy with this bonnet and the customer service experience from If the Bonnet Fits, I do have one thing I might like different, if I were to order another bonnet. The yarn is good quality, but very heavy. For winter, the bonnet is perfect. But I think for Texas, it would be impossible to use this bonnet in the summer because the weight of the yarn. I would prefer a lighter yarn and some kind of open stitch for a bonnet that I could use in the summer.

I am already looking at the available materials on Facebook, imaging what bonnet I would order next!

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  1. I have a couple from her too. I agree that for the price she is the best on the market. It’s hard to beat under $50 for a custom bonnet. I also agree that my only real complaint with hers is the yarn she uses. I prefer a lighter, smoother mercerized cotton. Still – they’re a good deal.

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    1. Oh, and I actually have one on the way from her with ear embroidery. She doesn’t offer it as an option yet but can have it done if you ask. I’m paying $6 for his name on the ear.

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  2. That is incredibly well made and works very well with your horse! I love the extra material behind the ears, such a simple alteration but so needed!

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