Moving Day

Eli moved…to a different stall. He had been in one of the front six stalls–I’ll call it sales row–for some time. Well, he is no longer for sale. Nor were four other of the six horses on sales row. So, horses got moved around, and Eli now lives in the stall where another horse of mine lived a long time ago.


He seemed perfectly happy when I put him up after our ride. Maybe a little confused, like, hey, um, are you sure this is my stall? Like, this is my hay, but …


It’s your stall now, buddy.

Oh, about our ride last night … Eli decided he didn’t want to half-halt, transition downward, or halt. So we worked on that until he complied without a fuss. I then as a reward let him gallop around on a light rein with his nose in the air and called it a day. Ah, thoroughbreds. Humbling humans for decades.

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