Review Preview

Spring fever manifests in me as impulse shopping.


I'll just leave this here ... like, nbd.

BUT, I also do a little shopping with not just my vanity in mind, but Eli’s well-being and comfort.


Dishy face comfortably grazing

One thing I recently purchased is a Lettia memory foam girth. I’ve used it a few times now, so I’ll be posting a review of it this week.

Today, I managed not to impulse buy anything, even though I went to the Dover tent sale and the Charlotte’s Saddlery grand opening. I walked away with a jar of Mrs. Pastures and nothing else. However, Charlotte’s Saddlery has a few things that top my wish list and I may have to go back very, very soon.

Lastly, I finally had an over fences lesson again on Eli this morning. Even better, the lines were set on the numbers (so much easier for us, with Eli’s monster step). Eli had quite a bit of energy once we really got going, so the turns were at times a little rough while I was getting him back, but it was so, so fun! He jumped everything, including 2 triples–one was a one to a one, and the other was a 2 to a 3, or a 3 to a 2, whether going away or home. Trust me, a 3 to a 2 going toward the barn can be tricky. The first time through, he was great. The second time through it as a 3 to a 2, I lost my right stirrup at the first jump and basically stopped riding. Eli ignored me, got somewhat quick but went through it dead center. We did it a few more times, with both stirrups, and he didn’t even blink.

My barn is going to a 2-day schooling show next weekend. I won’t be able to show, unfortunately, but it is in town so hopefully I can go watch some of it.

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