Better blog post titles forthcoming, I promise.


Second bath of shedding season.

Second bath of shedding season.


Yes, it rained all freaking day on Saturday, but warmth + sunlight = greater rates of evaporation, therefore, dry footing!!!



I longed my pony today, and it wasn’t miserable. It was so lacking in miserableness that I actually took a little video. (He is totally not trained in groundwork. We longe for exercise and that’s about it, and I basically avoid longeing most of the time. So if he looks strung out to you, it’s because he is.)

20150323_154800.mp4 from rennikka on Vimeo.

I probably should have ridden, but I have this sinus headache/infection-evil cold/allergies sore throat thing happening right now so instead I just gave Eli a bath after longeing him.

Pictures, in hindsight, are not logically placed.

Pictures, in hindsight, are not logically placed.

He got new shoes today, too, so that’s enough things for one day! I’ll have to miss tomorrow evening because of (boo) work (so over it now) but the weather looks good Wednesday and I’m sure I will have a very energetic Eli on my hands at that point.

Other than that? Been selling some tack and apparel online and not online (anybody looking for a 56″ girth? I’ll cut ya a deal), bought myself a treat that a post from $900 FB Pony reminded me of (to be reviewed here later), and generally pumped the brakes a bit over the weekend in an effort to regain some energy and avoid SXSW.

26 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. YAY SPRING!!! Eli is the cutest btw. I love when he’s all “what’s going on over there?” on the lunge, and then just goes right back to work šŸ™‚

    I remember spring well, when I lived in Austin. Up here on the east coast, “spring” means 4-6″ of snow and temps in the 40s for days. FML.

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  2. super jealous that your footing dries so quickly!! ours can take a loonnnnng time, and if the temps stay low enough it just becomes slippery. boo. hopefully you’re up and riding again soon šŸ™‚

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