The Paper Tornado Has Ended

Work last week …. let’s not and say we did. Ugh. Fortunately, this week is quiet and I can leave at a normal hour and see my horse in daylight. Eli has, like many horses over winter, lost a bit of muscling on his topline, so rebuilding that is goal number one.


It may mean adjusting his saddle pad set up a bit until he’s back in shape, but he seems rowdy as ever under saddle, so perhaps the process will be a short one. SO DON’T RAIN, WEATHER.


Yesterday, Eli got his vaccinations and a few other pokes and prods from the vet, so I gave him a break from the tack. He had plenty of turn out yesterday, so I just let him graze for a while and groomed him. His neck didn’t seem too sore, so hopefully that will still be the case this evening when I go out to ride.


Also, in case any of you are interested, I am cleaning out my storage and selling a TON of tack & stuff. It’s getting posted on ETT if you wish to peruse. I also just recently discovered Facebook has this thing called an “other” folder that I can’t access from my phone. There were a handful of messages in it from last year asking about tack I was selling. Oops, sorry, potential buyers! But just comment on the posts! One person even seemed to somehow manage to think she paid me and threatened to cancel payment … ? Not sure, but that just seems straight up scammy/spammy, seeing as how I don’t know what was bought or who was paid. I think it was right around the time FB Messenger was getting forced upon the masses, so I missed messages that way, too.

Eli and Tophat. OR, Bert and Ernie.
Eli and Tophat. OR, Bert and Ernie. Note that Tophat has a floppy tongue.

Tonight, we ride! Unless, of course, it’s raining.

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