Not Much Happening

The rain has finally ended, and now I’m just waiting for the arenas to dry out. I’ve only ridden Eli sporadically, and not for very long, and only at a walk & trot. I can now unequivocally say that I never ever ever want to live in the Pacific Northwest. Constant rain and cold is not for me. The show I was going to work at last weekend got rained out and is rescheduled for this weekend, although I will be working at my job and not at the show this weekend.


No sun sadness

Seeing the sun again will be thoroughly enjoyable.


The upside to rain is more grass to chomp on

One bright spot in the past few weeks: The PS of Sweden breastplate! I’ve played around with a variety of tack set ups. I’m now trying the PS of Sweden breastplate with a separate running martingale (the attached one is way too short for Eli, and I actually don’t like the clip on rings, genius as they seem, I think they might only actually work with PS of Sweden rein stops, which I don’t have). Perhaps this will be the winning combination.


was ist das? sans running.

The fit is mostly good. I may do a little after-market mods on the straps that connect to the saddle dees–they could be just a shade longer. But they are elastic, so perhaps that will be enough to accommodate Eli’s low-set neck. I will see how jumping works out first, before making any changes. All three straps to the girth are a good fit, though. A full size rather than cob definitely would have been too large. If nothing else, Eli totally looks battle-ready in it! Well, maybe not with the above facial expression.

And now, I have a ton of blog reading to catch up on!

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