Slow Week

Things are finally drying out around here, so I have high hopes of riding this weekend. I’m sure Eli has high hopes of getting some sun and some grass. I’ve been going out to see Eli every day after work, but there is not much to do except walking and grooming.

I did get a new show jacket, though! I wasn’t looking, but at the IEA show, the trainer I was helping had one of her students try on a FITS Zephyr show coat. The fit on her wasn’t quite right, plus the coat isn’t really appropriate for the equitation ring, with it’s silver-piped collar, white zipper pockets, European cut, and 4 silver buttons. I had two hunt coats I didn’t need, and had been considering a newer, European cut, tech fabric show jacket. So of course I tried on the jacket, and of course it fit just fine.

DO NOT wear this in the equitation ring.

I am really excited about getting to wear this jacket at a show. The sleeves are a little long, but that is easily fixed. The fabric is mesh, but you can’t tell unless you are right up next to it trying to figure out what the fabric is. The client is trying my hunt coats, and another client is trying a breastplate of mine that doesn’t quite work with my new-to-me saddle. I got a good deal on the coat because my trainer friend also owns a tack shop (convenient, I know). Ah, commerce! Buy things, sell things. So American.

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