Icy Wet Weather and Bloggers’ Weekend!

Not a lot is going on as far as riding goes. I rode Eli on Wednesday and kinda sorta on Saturday last week and this week looks to be about the same weather-wise. But the weekend was not without a little awesomeness–I managed to make it to the Friday night portion of Horse Bloggers’ Weekend. It was so much fun to meet everybody in person finally and Lauren put out quite a spread of things to eat and drink, including cookie cake and cheesecake!


I already forgot what “FFWM” stands for.

And also there was this chicken cheese pie dish and I would really like the recipe! I could have ate that whole thing, Lauren. Omg.

We also got party favors in the form of swag bags, with great stuff from The Horse of Course, One Horse Threads, Noble Outfitters, Riding Warehouse, Horze, and Dover. Many thanks for all of these goodies!


Conrad wanted some swag

swagbagBloggers’ Weekend definitely needs to be an annual thing!

I had hoped to meet up with all the bloggers for lunch on Saturday, but I live far enough north of Austin that my car was pretty much covered in ice until about 2pm, and by then I was determined to make it out to the barn because the weather was only going to get wetter on Sunday. Let me give you some advice: don’t ride Eli in freezing drizzle. Are rain bonnets a thing? Come to think of it, Eli would probably like a cashmere bonnet, too, with silk ears.

I would also like to point out that Eli is a destroyer of blankets and sheets, but this winter I guess has been cold and wet enough that he hasn’t had the desire to rip any of his clothes to shreds yet. His sheet is completely in tact. But, he still has to get in a few snags in his turnout blanket …


How do you even tear the lining???


and WHAT were you rubbing your tail on that this happened?

While this turnout blanket does have a limited warranty, I have had it long enough that I am beyond the limit. I’m sure a blanket washer/repair person can fix the lining and the torn bit of piping at the tail is only cosmetic.

Winter continues to drag on and make everyone crazy! And sleepy. And also a little bit sick with a head cold. Bleh.


he just CAN’T go ON

There may be a show this weekend that I will be paddocking at if it doesn’t get rained out. I’ve also been doing a little retail therapy in the form of selling some stuff I don’t need and buying a few little things I do need, so if FedEx/UPS/USPS get themselves sorted out ever … seriously, how is a package in Dallas, Texas delayed from delivery in Austin because of weather when the weather is in the 40s and misting? Is 40s and misting a severe weather emergency or natural disaster now?

17 thoughts on “Icy Wet Weather and Bloggers’ Weekend!

  1. Glad you had fun at the bloggers weekend!! Also – if you figure out the rain bonnet thing lmk bc it’s been too long since I stuck something random on my mare’s face for my own personal amusement lol

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